Global solution for the energy retrofit of single-family homes

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The MITECH project provides home-improvement experts and specialist firms with a full range of solutions for managing the envelope of old houses built between 1949 and1974. The annual energy consumption target is around 50 kWh per m2, for houses which currently consume between 245 and 375 kWh per m2 per year depending on whether or not they have been partially renovated.

The goal is to achieve an energy performance level higher than that required to obtain low-energy building (Bâtiment Basse Consommation) certification:

  • renovation of the external façade (insulation and installation of new windows and fittings);
  • 25 cm of heat insulation in order to achieve a high level of energy efficiency and to install features such as ventilation systems, eased frames and decorative elements;
  • a range of solutions allowing both the architectural requalification and the technical rehabilitation of houses, in order to increase their value;
  • a range of solutions offered to home improvement experts and specialist firms in the form of a catalogue.

The consortium partners created the packs available on the basis of (i) updated versions of existing techniques used by industrial companies in the consortium, and (ii) new techniques designed to better manage the interfaces with all the different elements of the system.

The various packs cover:

  •  the insulation system;
  •  door and window components;
  •  decorative elements;
  •  specific features;
  •  the over-roof;
  •  the ventilation system;
  •  the veranda;
  •  renewable energy sources;
  •  implementation equipment.

Three tools will be provided:

  • a guidebook for home-owners;
  • a guidebook for home improvement experts;
  • a tool to assess the performance of the house being renovated.

An experiment will be carried out on three houses, after which feedback will be collected from the occupants, the companies and the home improvement experts.

The consortium is made up of:

Project owner:

TBC Générateur d'Innovation:
organisation, coordination and leadership of studies, design and development with industrial companies, technical research.  Design of expert systems.

Technical expertise:

Main contractors:
, a group of architects and the network of home improvement experts: creativity, design, user ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality, socio-economic research.

Network of industrial companies, distribution, support and advice.

Industrial companies:
PAREXLANKO, STÖ, CAREA and accessory partners for external heat insulation,
PROTECTOR for decorative elements,
CROISEES-PLAST for door and window fittings,
ArcelorMittal for the VIPs (vacuum insulation panels) used in over-roofing and heat bridges,
ALDES for ventilation,
SCH?oeCO for windows, glass roofs and solar panels.

Contact :
Jean-Pierre LOUSTAU
Tél : 33 (0)5 34 55 21 80
Mail :