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The BEST project involves the development and marketing of software applications for designing, managing and maintaining tertiary buildings, the energy requirements of which (heating, air-conditioning and electricity) are met essentially by solar power.

This software package is made up of 3 interconnected elements, which were designed and developed with the help and expertise of consortium partners from all areas of the profession:

  • the architectural and technical design element;
  • the sociological and organisational design element, focusing on the activities of the home occupants;
  • the economic element relating to investments and operations;

The hypotheses considered in the development of these tools have been described in reports aimed at the profession.

The approach is being tested on 2 actual buildings, the energy consumption of which is being monitored on site; in addition, the companies and occupants concerned are providing feedback.

During the project, the software applications - globally designated as ARCHIWIZARD - were quickly made available to the entire profession for testing.

Two of the partner companies in the project have set up a subsidiary, RayCREATIS, to ensure the long-term maintenance of the applications after the end of the project.



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